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Here’s How to Trade FUT Coins Like a Pro

by Wade

FUT Coins are always being sought after on FIFA Ultimate Team because of the advantages associated with them. You can get free futcoins online or earn them as a reward for completing a task.

There are many ways of earning Coins online but applying these methods will be futile if you fail to note the common mistakes players make and avoid them.

Before discussing these mistakes properly, let us take a look at what FUT Coins means.

1. What are FUT Coins?

FUT Coins is one of the virtual currencies on FIFA Ultimate Team. It can be used to acquire bonus content or to buy other items in the transfer market. Each time you play on FIFA Ultimate Team, you earn a certain amount of coins.

However, waiting around to earn a few coins on each match is no way to enjoy the game. Instead, hit the market,  trade smartly, and get yourself a large number of coins in a matter of time.

2. Common Mistakes Players Make When Trading

1). Buying players without proper research

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on this platform is to buy a player without prior research. Even if the player came highly recommended by a friend of a site, conduct your research before you buy.

Without adequate research, you may end up buying a player when competition is intense and the prices are high. What this means is that you will lose money when prices in the market bounce back to normal. It is also not advisable to buy a player after such player has played a great game. Typically, the value of a player will increase after a nice game but will decrease shortly after.

Because of all these fluctuations in the market, it will be very risky to make purchases without conducting adequate research. In the end, you might end up buying pricey players and losing money when you resale.

2). Buying and holding players from the onset

Another mistake people make is buying and holding players when Ultimate Team is yet to be developed fully. As it is in economics, an increase in demand and a reduction in supply will lead toincreased prices.

In the same way, when the demand is high and players are few, the prices will be high. However, it is dangerous to bank on this theory because at the start of FIFA, the market is usually volatile and prices can go in both directions.

3). Buying cards that are not in demand

Some cards, even though they are listed on the transfer market, are close to useless. These cards are in low demand and they are usually of no benefit to the player. Such cards should be avoided by all means.

Granted some low-rated cards can earn you a good amount of coins from transactions with reputable clubs such as Liverpool, and Barcelona, but they are a complete waste of resources on lower clubs such as Fulham and Brom.


The dream of every trader is to acquire sufficient FUT Coins that will enable him to build a great team. If you are one of such people, endeavor to trade safely. Avoid the mistakes discussed above and you will be on your way to making it big.

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