How to Care Of Your HP Laptop Batteries

If you own a HP laptop, you will find out that it’s important you start looking for where to purchase a genuine hp laptop battery for sale. Why? Because like every other PC battery you know, HP laptop batteries aren’t meant to stay forever. So, if you run out of battery power despite the number of hours you spend on charging it, this could be a hint that the battery capacity has lessened and it’s time to seek a replacement.

The good news, however, is that HP laptop batteries can be easily replaced. But before deciding to replace yours, let’s see how you can keep your battery safe while it lasts!

How to Take Care of Your HP Laptop Batteries

 Here are sure and safest ways to ensure that your HP laptop batteries stay for a longer period:

1. First Charge Should Be Long

One thing that you must understand is that the first time you charge your laptop battery determines if your battery will last or wear off after a short period. Ideally, your laptop battery should be fully charged for at least 24 hours after purchase and necessary set up. Doing this will ensure that the battery life of your laptop is prolonged!

2. Replace the Battery after 2 to 4 Years

In 2 to 4 years of your battery life, you must have up to 1000 times and this is enough time to know that you your laptop battery is due for a replacement.

Three factors determines how long your laptop battery would last:

  • How frequently is the laptop used?
  • What material is the laptop battery made from?
  • How often is the laptop charged?

The best types of HP laptop batteries are gotten from lithium. Any battery that was made from other materials asides this will most like experience a shorter life span. If you are a frequent laptop user, it’s best to know that your battery may not last for long. This is because the more you charge, the closer you get the battery to its end.

3. Observe Battery Safety Measures

The first step to ensuring a longer life span of your battery is to limit its charging to 60 to 70%; just make sure it doesn’t always get to a 100%. Also, certain environmental factors can help to shorten the battery’s lifespan. This includes high temperature. You can start by not keeping your laptop in a room with more than 86°F, because high heat is a big enemy to laptop batteries.

4. Do Not Overcharge

Except for the first time charging, leaving your laptop battery to attain a high voltage while charging can lead to its demise. As mentioned earlier, stick to a 60 to 80% charging limit as it significantly improves the lifespan of your HP laptop battery.


So far, the most guaranteed way to enhance a laptop battery’s life span is to reduce charging times. Observing a few laptop battery conservation techniques will enable you to do this just right where your laptop is in use!


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