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How to Maintain Your Garage Door?

by Wade

The garage door is one of the essential parts of your home. It keeps you safe and secure but allows you to access your garage in an emergency. As these doors are used often, they should be maintained timely to avoid accidents.

So below are some simple tips to follow that will keep your door working smoothly for years to come!

· Inspect the Door

Unlike other doors, garage doors, especially roller doors, can cause severe accidents if left unchecked. So, proper inspection of these doors is essential after some time. It would help if you inspected scratching, dents, rusting in door hardware, noise production, broken parts, and misaligned rollers. If you’ll notice any of these problems, resolve them or ask for the professional services usually offered by manufacturing companies like Bestar and chi garage door.

· Lubricate the Moving Parts

Lubrication of door parts is important to prevent resistance while opening, rusting or corrosion, noise production, etc. You can use any spray lubricant, like silicone spray, so that the lubricant will reach every corner of the door. Also, remember that too much lubricant will also cause unnecessary damage and may even damage other parts of the door if you don’t follow instructions carefully.

· Tighten Any Loose Hardware

Loose hardware is unsafe and causes damage while opening the door frequently. If you notice that one of your garage door’s hinges, track, or rollers is loose, tighten them up immediately.

The most common type of loose hardware is a screw that is sticking out just a little bit too far from its hole in the door frame. This can cause severe problems if left unchecked and eventually lead to issues like unevenness or noise when opening and closing the door over time.

· Test the Auto-Reverse Feature

Usually, auto-reverse features are only present in some doors design except roller up and down, so if you have these doors inspect the door opener’s operation regularly.

You should pay attention to even the slight resistance indoor reverse feature. When you press down on the garage door opener’s handle, it should automatically reverse direction and go into reverse mode. If this doesn’t happen, check your wiring or make sure that your opener is functioning properly.

· Clean the Tracks

If you have a garage door and want to maintain it, the most important thing is to clean the tracks. This can be done with a mild detergent and a soft brush. The tracks should be cleaned regularly so that dirt doesn’t build up over time.

If you’re only going to use your garage door once or twice per year (like in a storage garage), then cleaning once every few months should suffice. Otherwise, you should do it once every month.

· Replace Weather-stripping

Whether-strips do not require frequent replacement except if you are e experiencing any weather-related issues. The benefits of replacing these strips are preventing air infiltration and blocking UV rays and water intrusion while maintaining proper ventilation.

· Rebalance the Door

Rebalancing a garage door doesn’t often require except if something is intruding in the garage, like water, snow, etc. This might be because the door needs to be balanced appropriately on its track. If you cannot rebalance the door, ask for a professional’s help.


The maintenance of garage doors does not require money; it just needs your time and these simple tips. However, by paying attention to these small issues, you might end up with serious accidents or pay for repairs. So, try not to avoid these doors for a slight problem.

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