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Learn Everything About UwellCaliburn

by Wade

If you wish to get an electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette, it might not be a really big issue. However, for frequent and habitual smokers, they want a dependable device as well as something that leaves an impression. Not every e-cigarette or vape device is dependable, nor do all of them have similar efficiency. UWELL is one of the best destinations for you to get your e-cigarette from such as uwellcaliburn. They are really well-made and are a great choice for both frequent and occasional smokers.

Read on to know more about one of the best ranges of electronic cigarettes by UWELL – the UwellCaliburn series.

UwellCaliburn Range By UWELL

Check out these amazing electronic cigarettes from the UwellCaliburn range by UWELL.


With its fashionable design and upgraded functions, this vape device is a great choice for all kinds of smokers. It is extremely lightweight and the futuristic cyberpunk design, especially the KOKO-shaped light bars on the curved glass, makes it look really cool and trendy. The Caliburn GK2 comes in four color options – Ribbon Red, Ocean Flame, Matte Black and Aurora Green.


The vibration interaction, the progressive airflow adjustment and the LED indicator makes the Caliburn G2 one of the most unique e-cigarettes out there. The various vibration patterns inform users about various conditions of the vape pod, like short circuits, withdraws and low voltages among others. The Caliburn G2 is available in nine amazing colors – Carbon Black, Shading Gray, Pyrrole Scarlet, Gradient, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Green, Gradient Blue, Ocean Flame and Matte Gray.


The lightweight and stylish Caliburn AK2 is a great electronic cigarette for everyone out there. The diagonal stripes and the classy finish make them a fashion icon. The e-liquid check window helps you understand how much liquid is left and when you need to refill it. This is one of the very few electronic cigarettes that lets you fill it from the top, to refilling easy and avoid any mess. This one-of-a-kind electronic cigarette has six basic colors versions – Classic Black, Graphite Gray, Turquoise Blue, Neon Orange, Gloomy Green, Sakura Pink, and the special editions – Daylight Walker and Midnight Rider.


The Caliburn KOKO Prime (Vision), with its translucent design, makes a bold design statement to every available electronic cigarette out there. The translucent design lets you see how your vape pod is working. The top-fill feature and the replaceable coil makes this very easy to use and convenient for regular use. It comes in two shades of translucence – dark and light.


With its basic features and functionalities, the Caliburn is the perfect e-cigarette device for every starter out there. The USB-C type port charges your pod very fast, and UWELL’s exclusive Pro-Focs flavor adjusting technology brings out the greatest flavor for you. It comes in nine colors – Blue, Green, Black, Iris Purple, Gray, Orange, Aqua Blue, Arctic Silver, and the very unique Gold Black.


If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable e-cigarette that can help you throughout your day, there is nothing better than UWELL e-cigarettes. They come in a wide variety of shapes, designs and colors to cater to people with different preferences. They are durable and well-made to last for a long time.

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