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Square Vs. Round Drills In Diamond Painting

by Wade

In today’s technology-driven world, there are many options for preserving the best memories. Diamond paintings are among the most popular options. These are crosses between jigsaw puzzles and paint by numbers. Also known as painting with diamonds or diamond painting by numbers, techniques mostly involve painting the right diamonds in the canvas’s suitable spaces.

You can take a chance and customize yours now. In the DIY world, diamond paintings are also known as 5D diamond paintings, diamond painting embroidery, and diamond cross-stitch embroidery. As a rule, you do not need to purchase any additional tools to create your diamond paintings. Each painting kit is delivered in a padded envelope, depending on size. Let’s focus on the types of drills in diamond painting.

Understanding the difference between partial and full diamond paintings

In diamond art, partial diamond paintings already have some of the areas colored in. Full diamond paintings, on the other hand, usually have spots for gems. As a result, partial paintings are more comfortable to finish and work great for bonding time with the kids.

Generally, partial diamond canvases are fantastic options for creating personalized art, converted into beautiful backgrounds for full diamond paintings. Partial canvases work to draw the viewer’s attention to the central object in your masterpiece.

Understanding drills

In the alluring world of diamond painting, drills are the actual gemstones that artists affix to their canvas workspaces. Drills can be square or round, which are round or square diamonds.

For beginners, round diamonds are easier to work with since the edges do not need to line up exactly. An added advantage of round drills is that they allow the canvas surface’s background to show through. For a more abstract finish, round drills are perfect for achieving strikingly fuzzy looks.

For more demanding artists, square drills line up with each other precisely. No gaps are possible on the canvas while using square diamonds. Thus, to replicate images in a precise manner, square drills are perfect. However, square diamonds force you to be more accurate, and paintings crafted from them are more complex.

How diamond painting can boost your health

Generally, diamond painting requires intense focus from the crafter. It also allows a lot more room for experimentation than conventional art forms such as canvas oil painting and watercolor painting.

The intense concentration required to craft appealing diamond paintings successfully is a tremendous mental and physical health booster. Diamond painting as a hobby is a great way to escape everyday life’s hectic demands and long periods in front of a screen.

Art and craft hobbies such as diamond painting have been shown to reduce stress and consequently minimize the risk of stress-induced conditions such as heart attacks. Focusing intensely on creating the perfect diamond painting develops the brain’s right and left regions and trains the mind to avoid distractions. Eventually, one becomes more focused and productive.

What to do with leftover drills

 For any serious diamond painting enthusiast, leftover drills are always available for use in other projects. You can use the extra diamonds in DIY Christmas ornaments. You can also use the excess drills in manicures or pedicures for the extra flashy look.


Diamond painting is a fun and challenging hobby suitable for artists of all ages. It involves filling spaces on a canvas surface with drills/diamonds of unique colors. Knowing how to choose the correct drill for each project type and level is crucial.

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