Achieve peak performance with PCIe® 4.0. Enjoy enduring, high-speed performance with our in-house controller’s smart heat management, ensuring top power efficiency while maintaining exceptional performance. PCIe 4.0’s maximum theoretical sequential read speed is 8000 MB/s, with the 990 PRO reaching 7450 MB/s as of Q3, 2022. Source: 2003-2022 OMDIA data: NAND suppliers’ revenue market share. Sequential and random write performance measured with Intelligent Turbo Write technology activated, operating within a specific data transfer size. Performance may vary based on SSD firmware, system hardware, configuration, and other factors. For detailed information, contact your local service center. 990 PRO reaches 7,450 MB/s based on test system configuration: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor [email protected], DDR4 3600MHz 16GBx2 (PC4-25600 Overclock), OS – Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Chipset – ASRock-X570 Taichi. To maximize the 990 PRO’s performance, ensure your system supports PCIe 4.0. 980 PRO Sequential Read/Write – 1,129/877 MB/Watt, 990 PRO Sequential Read/Write – 1380/1319 MB/Watt based on 1TB capacity model test results.

About this item
  • MEET THE NEXT GEN: Unlock ultimate performance with the Samsung 990 PRO Gen4 SSD. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or a tech enthusiast, enjoy lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled power efficiency, designed to conquer any challenge.
  • REACH THE NEXT LEVEL: Gen4 delivers faster transfer speeds and superior bandwidth, offering over a 55% improvement in random performance compared to the 980 PRO. Perfect for heavy computing and rapid loading times.
  • THE FASTEST SSD FROM THE WORLD'S FLASH MEMORY BRAND: Achieve near max performance of PCIe 4.0 with read and write speeds up to 7450/6900 MB/s. Ideal for any use, from gaming to professional applications.
  • PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS: Expand your possibilities with storage options ranging from 1TB to 4TB. Seamlessly sync all your data, dominate in gaming, video editing, data analysis, and more.
  • IT'S A POWER MOVE: Maximize your efficiency with up to 50% improved performance per watt over the 980 PRO. Experience superior power efficiency, making every operation more effective with less energy consumption.


Key Features

  1. Blazing Fast Speeds:

    • The SAMSUNG 990 PRO delivers read speeds of up to 7,450 MB/s and write speeds of up to 6,900 MB/s, thanks to its PCIe 4.0 interface. This extraordinary speed reduces load times for games and applications, enhances system responsiveness, and ensures seamless multitasking.
  2. Large Storage Capacity:

    • With a massive 2TB of storage, the 990 PRO provides ample space for your games, applications, and files. This capacity is particularly beneficial for gamers and professionals who require extensive storage for large files, media libraries, and software installations.
  3. Advanced V-NAND Technology:

    • The 990 PRO utilizes Samsung’s latest V-NAND technology, which enhances performance and durability. This technology ensures higher data transfer rates and better energy efficiency, contributing to a superior user experience and longer lifespan for the SSD.
  4. Optimized for Gaming and Graphics:

    • Designed with gamers and graphics professionals in mind, the 990 PRO is optimized for handling demanding applications. Whether you’re playing the latest AAA games or working on high-resolution video editing and 3D rendering, this SSD ensures smooth and uninterrupted performance.
  5. Enhanced Thermal Control:

    • The SSD features a nickel-coated controller and a heat spreader label for effective thermal management. This advanced thermal control mechanism prevents overheating, ensuring the drive maintains optimal performance even during intensive tasks.
  6. Samsung Magician Software:

    • With Samsung Magician software, users can easily manage their SSD’s performance, monitor its health, and update firmware. This user-friendly software suite provides tools for optimizing the drive, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency.
  7. Compact M.2 Form Factor:

    • The compact M.2 2280 form factor makes the 990 PRO easy to install in a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, and ultra-thin notebooks. Its small size does not compromise on performance, offering flexibility and convenience for any build.

Practical Applications

  • Gaming:

    • Experience faster load times, reduced lag, and smoother gameplay with the 990 PRO. Its high-speed data transfer rates ensure that games load quickly and run seamlessly, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Content Creation:

    • For content creators working with large files and demanding applications, the 990 PRO offers the speed and reliability needed for tasks such as video editing, 3D modeling, and graphic design. The ample storage space also means you can keep all your projects in one place.
  • Professional Workstations:

    • In professional environments where efficiency is key, the 990 PRO enhances productivity by speeding up data-intensive tasks. Its reliability ensures that critical data is always accessible and secure.
  • Everyday Computing:

    • Even for everyday tasks, the 990 PRO improves overall system performance, making boot times faster, applications more responsive, and file transfers quicker.