Warranty Policy

At PCHomeWorld, we are dedicated to delivering products of exceptional quality, designed to endure. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our products, commencing from the date of purchase. If any defects in material or workmanship are identified, we will replace the product or necessary components at no additional cost.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Proof of purchase, such as an order number, is required to validate the warranty.
  • Clear and visible evidence of the defect must be provided to facilitate the claim process.
  • Items may need to be returned for a thorough quality inspection, as determined by our team. If a return is necessary, we will provide a prepaid return label to ensure a hassle-free process.
  • This warranty covers only the repair or replacement of defective parts within the warranty period. Refunds will not be issued under this warranty policy.
  • If a replacement part is not available, we reserve the right to substitute it with a similar product of equal or greater value.

What Is Not Covered?

This warranty does not cover issues resulting from improper handling, misuse, or accidents. PCHomeWorld will not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from such issues. The warranty will be void if the product or parts are repaired, replaced, or modified without our prior approval. Specific exclusions include, but are not limited to:

  • Improper use or installation, contrary to the instructions provided in the user manual.
  • Misuse, including but not limited to: drops, exposure to extreme temperatures, power surges, exposure to liquids, and attachment of unauthorized accessories.
  • Unauthorized repairs or modifications made by third parties.
  • Damage caused by external factors, such as natural disasters or accidents.
  • Lost or stolen products.
  • Products that have exceeded the 12-month warranty period.
  • Any other conditions that are beyond the control of PCHomeWorld.

Additionally, this warranty does not apply to products purchased from non-official websites or unauthorized retailers. The warranty policies of authorized retailers may vary and are not governed by this policy. Please refer to the specific retailer’s warranty policy for details if necessary.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this warranty policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our dedicated support team at PCHomeWorld is here to assist you and ensure you receive the best possible service.