How To Conserve Your Honor Smartphone’s Battery Life

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Smartphones are amazing devices that have become so important in the world we live in today. Smartphones are used for banking, entertainment, communication, and many essential things. Due to this reason, we use our smartphones at all times. Sometimes we are so occupied with this device that we forget to charge it.

Even though honor smartphones generally have an amazing battery life, sometimes these devices run out of juice when we don’t want them to. This can slow down your activities, especially if you do a lot on your phone. How do you conserve your smartphone’s battery life in events like this? In this article, we will be answering these questions by giving you smart measures to enhance your honor phone’s battery life.

Ways To Conserve Honor Smartphones’ Battery Life

  • Check Your Phone For The Power-Draining Apps: Given that the honor phone has high memory capacity, it is only normal for many apps to drain your smartphone even in instances where you are not operating them at all. To conserve your phone’s battery life, you must identify and remove these apps by heading to the phone settings. Then you head straight to battery usage, where you can see these apps that are draining your phone’s battery. Now you can uninstall these apps or simply turn off the notifications from these apps.
  • Minimize The Usage Of Multiple Apps: As essential as some apps are on your phone, e.g., your bank app or your meeting apps, they are one of the biggest reasons why battery drains a lot faster. Apps consume a lot of data and power to run. They are responsible for the constant notifications and ads you see on your smartphones all the time. They cause your smartphone to vibrate and on all the time. Multiple apps drain smartphones a lot faster. So, if you really want to conserve your phone battery life, you must delete useless apps and quit using multiple apps while using your phone.
  • Activate The Power Saving Mode: This mode can be described as a mode that lifts the burden off your smartwatch battery. It helps to disable all unimportant apps, services, and features. The operations you can perform on your phone in this mode now are very limited. Your phone’s brightness is reduced, and most times, all you can do is make and receive calls, but it efficiently conserves your smartphone’s battery life. To activate this mode, all you have to do is draw down your phone’s taskbar and touch the icon “Battery Saver.” You can choose the suitable mode for your phone, either medium power saving or high power saving.
  • Switch Off/Disable All Features: Features like Location, Wi-Fi, Data, and Bluetooth must be disabled to preserve the life of your smartphone. You could check your phone’s settings to see if any apps are using location unnecessarily.
  • Refrain From Charging Your Smartphone Wrongly: How you charge your smartphone is very important to your device’s lifespan. Some habits you should not do again include the charging of phones overnight, usage of phone while charging, failure to use an original charger, putting your phone in contact with direct sunlight.
  • Adjustments Of Display Settings: Another tip to enhance your smartphones’ battery life is to adjust your phone’s display settings. You can reduce the sleep timeout so your screen does not stay on without reason to further drain your phone’s battery.


Battery capacity is measured milliampere-hour, and an average phone has an average capacity (2000-3000mAh), which lasts for about 22 hours. However, if you’re looking for something more than this, you can check the honor magic v specification to see its battery capacity. Above all, ensure you do things to sustain your phone’s battery life.


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